• Subject: First hand on Implementation of Quartz.Net

    In my post you can see that Quarz.Net is really powerful scheduling jobs system. This tutorial shows you how to develop a schedule a job using quartz.  I have created the simple CSharp example of execute the job which is basically sending the email. Just follow this steps are you are done.

    1.      Download Quartz.Net

     Download the Quartz library from official website.


    You need to add necessary references. It is available under the bin folder.

    ·         Quartz.dll

    ·         Common.Logging

    I have created sample application using Visual Studio 2012. I’ve set the target framework as .Net Framework 4.


    2.      Quartz Job

    File Name: SendEmail.cs

    This class file is responsible for what need to be done.   I have created class “SendMail” which is responsible for sending email. You can see SendEmail class has implemented IJob interface.  


    3.       Quartz Trigger

    It is necessary to define the timings to execute the jobs. I have created a simple job which is sending email. It will execute at every midnight at 12.30. You will found the cron trigger example from their official site. See this page for more examples. (http://quartznet.sourceforge.net/tutorial/lesson_6.html) If you have any confusing cron just let me know. I am there for you. J



    4.      Start Scheduler

    Now it’s time to start the wheel. Let’s turn it on. This piece of code is responsible for start the scheduler to these kind bulky jobs.


    5.      Full Example

    You can see the full source code of file. Just place the code like these and all the things done.

                            Ahhh, this is very small thing to write. Now Hit the F5 button and get relaxed. J

                            Happy Coding.

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