• Basic computer knowledge
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming
    • Encapsulation
    • Polymorphism
    • Abstraction
    • Inheritance
    • Interfaces
  • Basic knowledge of C, C++, or Java

What is C#

Hello World

The Basics of Strings

Searching Strings

Numbers and Integer Math

Numbers and Integer Precision

Numbers and Decimals

Branches (if)

"Hello World" Explained

What are Loops?

Combining Branches and Loops

Arrays, List, and Collections

Sort, Search, and Index Lists

Lists of Other Types


Object Oriented Programming: Objects and Classes

Object Oriented Programming: Methods and Members

Object Oriented Programming: Methods and Exceptions

Object Oriented Programming: Catching Exceptions

Practical Test:

Title: Note Taking Application

Description: Allow a user to add notes and save them.  To create a note-taking app, you need to create a GUI (graphical user interface) that allows users to interact with the features of the app.  You can simply store the data in a folder within the device on which the app runs.


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