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We believe if we consider our work as fun, we never feel tired and are able to come up with innovative solutions. It is the people which we believe in, and it is the Idooer which have come up with ingenious solutions for the client. We hire people who have the passion and vision to work with the company. When not at work, the Idooer pursue range of outdoor as well as indoor activities. We always keep the attitude of “ A Start-up” thus valuing opinion of each and every Idooer. We regularly encourage the Idooer to give seminar on topics of latest trend in Technology and thus promoting an environment of shared education.

At Toshal Infotech Pvt. Ltd., we foster a culture that has given our company the most important source of inspiration for people working with us - a competitive advantage. The leadership at Toshal Infotech has taken on challenges and worked hard at building and maintaining a winning culture that’s based on teamwork, a working culture that brings out the best in every individual. It nurtures an environment in every nook and corner of the organization that leads to success and high performance - and Toshal Infotech intends to keep it that way.We hire talented, zestful people who like to work with passion. And yes, we like them to work in our relaxed, peaceful and nonrestrictive environment. Our organizational culture motivates its work force from the inside, so they always put in extra effort that works to everyone’s benefit. We encourage people working with us to take on responsibility and leadership roles and maintain a humane environment that makes work fun to do, day in and day out.

Who is known as an "Idooer"?

Every individual working in Toshal Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is called an “Idooer”. The Idooer is an integral part of Toshal Infotech Pvt. Ltd. who is always determined to convert ideas into reality. An “Idooer” never backs from Responsibilities and Leadership roles. He is always willing to solve challenges with Innovative solutions. To become an “Idooer”, you must possess the following traits:

I - Innovative
D - Determined
O - Optimistic
O - Obsessive
E - Enthusiastic
R - Resilient

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