Basic knowledge of .Net Framework, C#, SQL Server, and Visual Studio is required.

ASP NET Introduction

Working with IIS Web Server in ASP.NET

How to Develop a Web Application in ASP.NET

Differences between a Web Site Project and Web Application Project in ASP.NET

ASP.NET Coding Techniques

ASP.NET Server Controls Part 1

ASP NET Server Controls Part 2

ASP.NET Server Controls PostBacks Part-3

ASP NET Server Controls Post Back Events & Cached Events Part-4

ASP NET Server Controls Post Back Vs Cross Page Post Back Part-5

ASP.NET Server Controls Submitting Data to Different Pages Part -7

ASP NET Server Controls Server Transfer Vs Response Redirect Part-8

ASP.NET Server Controls Server Transfer Vs Response Redirect Part-9

ASP.NET State Management Part-1

ASP.NET State Management Part-2 Hidden Fields

ASP.NET State Management Part-3 Query Strings

ASP.NET State Management Part 4 View State & Control State

Progressive Web Applications Using Blazor

Practical Test:

Title: Note Taking Application.

Description: Allow a user to add notes and save them.  To create a note-taking app, you need to create a GUI (graphical user interface) that allows users to interact with the features of the app.  You can simply store the data in a folder within the device on which the app runs.



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