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Here at Toshal Infotech, we are looking for people who solve challenges. We do not have ordinary people working on ordinary projects. We are always in search for that “Extra” tag in every aspect.  So, If you are ambitious,  You are motivated, You want to work on cutting edge projects, You prefer the we to the I, You are not afraid of change, You are not afraid of challenges, You have a true passion for what you do, You have dreams and you want to make them a reality, You hate mediocrity and  You love Dilbert, but you hate working in Dilbert's company then Toshal Infotech is the world of Opportunity for the Enthusiastic.

You have always wanted to work in a great company. A company without politics. A company with a streamlined process. A place where people are just as smart as you. A place where everyone is relaxed. A place without a strict dress code. A place with nice people. A place where people care about their work and clients. A company where you can give life to your ideas and make an impact. A place where you are happy to spend a great deal of your day. A place where you are happy to learn and to teach. A company where you are valued. A company where you feel you belong. Then, Toshal Infotech welcomes you to join the team of talented "Idooer's".

Interview Process has been defined in 2 formats by TOSHAL INFOTECH

  1. Non Technical Profile
  2. Technical Profile

Interview process for Non - Technical Profiles.

We cover the non technical profile interviews in the form of 2 rounds.

  • Round 1

    This will be specifically related to your past work and skill set.

    Interviewer → HR

  • Round 2

    You will be judged on the basis of your ability to answer, domain expertise. In addition to this, we will evaluate whether you are a cultural fit or not.

    Interviewer → HR Head / CEO

Interview process for Technical Profiles.

  • Round 1 - Online Test

    These tests are there to evaluate your basic domain knowledge.

    Evaluator → HR Representative

  • Aptitude Test

    The test is “mandatory” for all the technical profiles appearing for interview basically to evaluate the mathematical and logical skills.

  • .NET Developer - Test

    The basic questions of ASP.NET, SQL and C# will be there.

  • PHP Developer - Test

    This will consist of questions from PHP and MySQL.

  • QA - Test

    Software testing related questions will be there.

  • WEB Designers - Test

    Questions from HTML, CSS and JavaScript will be covered.

  • Graphic Designer - Test

    Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Draw related questions will be there.

  • SEO | Digital Marketing - Test

    All questions related to SEO and Digital Marketing will be covered.


For specific position the paper will consist the aptitude test and the papers related to that domain E.g : If you are applying for .Net developer profile then you will be having the papers of Aptitude test, Asp.Net test, C# test, & SQL test. Prepare accordingly.

  • Round 2 - General Technical Round

    [This will be applicable only if you have scored more than 50% Marks in the Round 1 - Online Test]

    Interviewer → Senior Member from the development team.

  • This round judge your basic logic for coding. We will be evaluating you on the grounds of following points :

    How much you are clear with logical questions in coding ?

    How will you write a code for a specific set of problem by asking you to write down the algorithms as it is mandatory irrespective of which position you are applying for.

Now what next?

  • Round 3 - Advance Technical Round

    Interviewer → Team Leader

    After the passing round 2 there will be advanced technical round which will be more specific towards your skill set in which the domain related questions will be asked. Based on your skill set and the experience the advanced level technical questions will be asked.

  • Round 4 - Practical Round

    Evaluator → Team Leader

    This test is there to evaluate the logic and the ability to solve the problem. A small technical subject (problem) will be given to get it coded.

  • Round 5 - HR Round

    Interviewer → HR Head

    After all these rounds the final round or we can call it HR or the director level round wherein behavioural aspects will be judged.


An excellent coder with Asp.Net – can convert requirements to actual applications. One who has created client side optimized web apps using their excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript / jQuery, Web services and AJAX are common words in their vocabularies. For more details, just post your resume online visit here.

CMS/PHP Master

A master coder with PHP – can quickly understand 3rd party code quickly and make required changes. Knows common PHP CMS like Joomla and WordPress. Person with basic knowledge of Drupal will be preferred. For more details and post your resume online visit here.

Web Designer

A Photoshop designer with excellent knowledge of HTML. Knows how to slice images that can be used in CSS and provide HTML that a developer can use. For more details and post your resume online visit here.

Tester / QA

A Tester / QA with excellent knowledge of analytical skills. Knows how to create Test Plan, performing Test efforts estimation with good understanding of black box/ white box testing methodologies. For more details and post your resume online visit here.

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