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  1. Asp.Net C#/VB
  2. Dot Net Framework
  3. HTML, CSS, Javascript
  4. Basic knowledge in SQL Server

Install DNN

Page Management

Add Module on a Page

Overview of Site Settings

Personabar Overview

Installing Upgrading Extensions (Modules, Themes, Providers, etc.)

Enabling New Languages (Installing a Language Pack)

How to Change the Favicon

How to Change the Website Logo

How to Clear the Cache and Restart the Application

How to Remove the Copyright from Keywords and HTML Source?

Creating Superusers in DNN 8 and 9

Configuration Manager

Using the SQL Console

Managing Users & Roles



Manifests are configuration files that tell the DotNetNuke Installer how to handle items (or properties) during the Extension installation process.

Practical Test:

Title: “Tasks” module.


Description: Our “Tasks” module will list out “Task” items, allow users to add new items, edit their own items, and allow admin users to indicate whether or not they want to show items that are already “completed”. Each “Task” item will have a Title, a Description, and an “Is Complete” property that will show up as a checkbox, which will indicate whether a “Task” has been completed.




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