• When you are migrating your site from other platform or creating brand new site and looking for platforms - first question comes in mind is how it will affect various users come across of it. Here we are trying to answer some of those. To make things more easy we have clearly divided users in multiple segments:

    End User / Site visitor, site created with DNN look and behave list any other website/portal on Internet. For end user/ site visitor, site created with DNN is just like any other website with AJAX (DNN 4x with MS-Ajax) and some Web2.0 functionality.

    Content Provider / Site Moderators, most of the DNN modules are like dream come true for content providers and Site Moderators. Modules like DotNetNuke Forums, NewsArticles, Blog, Gallery etc. not only let content provider place their content very easily but also give full moderation controls to site admin/moderators. This means site can have content posted from lots of different sources but quality is maintained at same time. New version of Blog and NewsArticle modules are coming with MetaWebLog and features like social bookmarking, user's image from Gravatar sites etc. Also upcoming version of DNN 5x will have workflow integrated means module can be created to suite more dynamic content publishing path.

    Site Admin / Owner, in my personal experience page/user/security management available in DNN and UI to handle it is one of the most easiest way to achieve the target. Adding new page in DNN with appropriate security is not more than 2 minute of work. Security can be applied to each page and can be override at each module (Modules are individual piece of asp.net apps that shows different contents). All these permissions/security are managed with in DNN core so as admin/module developer we don't have to worry about what to be done if certain role is available.

    2nd most useful feature in DNN for site admin is - skinning. You can change look of your site completely from page to each module level. Just have a look at
    current site and now look at www.DotNetNuke.com. Both sites are created on DotNetNuke framework - but can you find any similarity on UI??? You can't have better example than this to show power and flexibility of DNN skinning.

    There are lots of other features available in DNN that gives complete controls over site in admin's hands. Admin can also create paid roles, than content can be made to visible for user's with that particular role only - gives complete paid/purchased role based content - all built in DNN no custom code required.

    Hosting Providers, for hosting providers DNN brings some good level of functional solution. Let host create demo sites for users, which latter on can be maid to full working paid sites with hosting fees enabled, disk space limitations, site log/history limitations and with some custom modules. Host can even limit amount of content can be placed on site making sure user don't exceed some DB limit (some custom modules support this feature).

    Host can also mark any module as premium module means it will not be available with site by default and site owner can purchase that as extra service. There are also custom site creation wizards available that let user purchase and create their own site, no site creation headache to hosting provider.

    DNN module developer / Service providers, creating custom module for DNN and have deploy-able package is very easy in DNN. DNN 4x are equipped with DAL+, CBO+ means easy and fast development yet very fast and manageable module code. One of the best things about DNN is, it don't restrict module developer at all. Module developer can do anything - as I mention before there are custom modules available for DNN that even create portal (which by default need to be created by Host user). Nearby all APIs are available to module developer. There is also
    guideline available at DotNetNuke site to create secure DNN module.

    DNN core team is full of MVPs so community activity are really good and most of the questions are answered promptly.

    There can be lot more to be said about DNN but bellow given list can be used as startup list.

    • Easy deployment
    • Easy site creation
    • Content management is very easy
    • Security is first priority for core development team.
    • Active community and full of MVPs brings best out of .net and asp.net.
    • Very low cost for ownership and management.
    • WebFarm support

    Its power and flexibility of DNN combining with lots of custom modules created for it bringing simple static content based site to, photo gallery to media/video gallery to blog site to forum site to project management site to content management site to community site and many more.


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