• Following is checklist that must be performed before every new commit for SqlDataProvider files.

    • File name is correctly capitalized. Make sure extension is matching “SqlDataProvider” with S,D & P in upper case.
    • File is saved in Unicode format. Open file is Notepad, Save As in dialog Encoding dropdown is having Unicode.
    • There should be “GO” (in upper case) to break SQL statements. At least one blank line should follow each “GO”.
    • Every SQL object name (name of Table, View, Procedure, FK constraints, PK constraints etc) should be written as “{databaseOwner}[{objectQualifier}<ObjectName>]”. Don’t forget square brackets [].
    • Content of file should be structured as
      • Delete statements
      • Drop statements
        • Procedures
        • Functions
        • Views
        • Constraints
        • Tables
    • Create Statements
      • Tables
      • Constraints
      • Views
      • Functions
      • Procedures
    • Insert Statements
    • Update Statements
    • AssemblyInfo.vb file is updated with new revision number.
    • Module version updated in .dnn file.
    • <file> entry added for new SqlDataProvider file in .dnn file.

      First 3 points are most common mistakes found in creating SqlDataProvider files.


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