• We have been working to integrate responsive slider in angular js. So we used the following bootstrap css and converted it into angular js.

    Bootstrap Css Version : v3.0.0
    Angular Js Version : v1.2.0-rc.3
    Plugin Used for Slider : http://extremecss.com/demos/bs_carousel/

    The plugin is simple slider using bootstrap classes

    • Below code shows the main image code for slider.

      Description: d:\Production\ITW_CorpSite\Portals\0\Blog\BootstrapAngularSlider1.png

      We need to provide “active” class to the start image which is done using ng:class property

    • Below code shows the indicator code for slider.

      Description: d:\Production\ITW_CorpSite\Portals\0\Blog\BootstrapAngularSlider2.png

    • We have added method setCurrentSlideIndex method to slide to the current slide inspite of using bootstrap’s data-to-slide property using carousel method which is shown below:

      Description: d:\Production\ITW_CorpSite\Portals\0\Blog\BootstrapAngularSlider3.png

    • Below, methods shows the next and previous functionality of the slider.

      Description: d:\Production\ITW_CorpSite\Portals\0\Blog\BootstrapAngularSlider4.png

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