• Although the cloud is steadily gaining popularity and a strong foothold among small business and big enterprise, several myths surround cloud computing. Let’s take a look at 5 popular myths that surround the cloud. 

    Cloud Is For Geeks

    A majority of people simply do not know what cloud is. While many think cloud computing as something that is related to weather monitoring stations, others think it is a platform built exclusively for big enterprises, still others think it is a technology used for scientific purposes, and the list goes on and on. Intricacy is a common notion often associated with the cloud.

    Cloud Affects Performance

    This can depend on the types of clouds and their relative use. Some clouds are high on scalability and capacity that give high performance while others may offer performance that may not even compare with that of an in-house server. You can effectively benchmark cloud applications to find the true level of cloud performance.

    The Cloud Is Too Complex

    Level of complexity differs with the type of cloud. A number of cloud services streamline management tasks which do not require any changes to applications ported to the cloud. Other clouds allow more authority and control but require adjustments to the application architecture. More often, clouds provide a good 
    amount of balance, proportionate to your needs.

    The Cloud Never Goes Down 

    Nine times out of ten, you are unable to use cloud services as a result of net connection failure. But then, cloud providers of the stature of Amazon too have had outages. The year 2013 stands witness to noticeable outages that affected cloud majors including Twitter, Google and Facebook.

    Cloud Is Just a Passing Fad

    The cloud maybe a new tech term for many but cloud computing technology has been around, evolving over many years. It has been adopted across a wide range of industries and enterprises that have made significant amount of investments in this fast emerging technology. Gartner predicts that big enterprise will spend billions of dollars on cloud services in the next decade. So, far from being a fad, cloud computing will catch on and establish itself as a popular platform for enterprises around the world.

    Not surprisingly, harboring cloud computing myths can mean that it can keep you away from adopting cloud services - and its benefits. Gaining a better understanding of the cloud requires an altered attitude and a studied approach, that gives you a better insight about its capabilities and limitations, helping you debunk myths about cloud computing.
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