• Requirement : I want to connect PostgreSql Database using EntitySpaces.

    Here are some useful steps that can help you accomplish this task successfully:

    1. 1. Add .dll file references
    2. 2. Web.Config file changes
    3. 3. Changes in Application_Start method of Global.asax.cs file

    You will also require the following .dll file references:

    1. 1. EntitySpaces.Core.dll
    2. 2. EntitySpaces.DynamicQuery.dll
    3. 3. EntitySpaces.Interfaces.dll
    4. 4. EntitySpaces.Loader.dll
    5. 5. EntitySpaces.Npgsql2Provider.dll (to connect Postgres using entityspaces)
    6. 6. Mono.Security.dll (required for Postgres)
    7. 7. Npgsql.dll (required for Postgres)

    Now you are all set to perform steps required to update the web.config file. Here is what you need to do:-

    First, add sectionGroup node in configuration > configSections node as shown in the screenshot below:

    PostgreSQL 1

    Add EntitySpaces node in configuration section as shown in the following screenshot

    PostgreSQL 2

    Next, change the code in Application_Start method of Global.asax.cs file as shown below to register changes in config:

    PostgreSQL 3

    That’s it! The code should run as needed. In case you have an error message and need some help, this link may help you out:


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