• Segment, a platform that collects the data. It is kind of bridge for analytics and marketing tools. It provides the integration with Google Analytics, Intercom, customer IO and other many analytic tools.

    It is very easy to getting started with segment. This blog will help you getting started with it.

    We can start with the free account. They do have paid plans which offers more services. This is the signup link. https://segment.com/signup

    After create account we need to create a workspace. After create the workspace it will ask you where you want to send the data. In our case, our purpose of sending data to “Google Analytic”. Select the “Google Analytics” and go ahead.

    Now it’s time to add a source into our workspace. We will continue with the “.NET” source because we are going to submit data from our .NET application. You can see the complete documentation here. https://segment.com/docs/sources/server/net/quickstart/

    Now we are ready with post our data with to segment.io. We need the “Write Key” of our source. This is compulsory for pushing data to segment.io. This is unique for each source.

    This is a basic snippet to push the data on segment IO regarding the signup for user.

    Analytics.Client.Identify(user.Id, new Segment.Model.Traits
    	{ "name", user.UserName },
    	{ "email", user.Email }
    Analytics.Client.Track(user.Id, "Signup");

    You can read more details here. https://segment.com/docs/sources/server/net/quickstart/

    This is the github URL for the example. https://github.com/segmentio/Analytics.NET

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