• Many times we have URLS in mix cases and we would like to render them all in lower case. This is very easy with the DNN 7.1+ versions. DNN has introduced the advance URL management feature. This is one of the settings under this feature.

    To apply this settings, we need to turn of the friendly URLs. If you want to active the friendly URL on your DNN website then please follow this blog. http://www.dnnsoftware.com/wiki/activating-advanced-url-management

    Force lower case URLS can be done through manually applying the settings under host settings. Here is the SQL query for the same. Please make sure you if this setting don't exist under your database. To verify using this query.

    SELECT * FROM HostSettings WHERE SettingName = 'AUM_ForceLowerCase'

    If query will not provide any result then execute this query to turn the settings on.

    INSERT INTO HostSettings (SettingName, SettingValue, SettingIsSecure, CreatedByUserID, CreatedOnDate) VALUES ('AUM_ForceLowerCase', 'Y', 0,-1,getdate())

    It applies the setting under all the portals of the website.

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