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    Blazor is a new ASP.NET Core web framework from Microsoft.

    Angular is a TypeScript-based frontend framework.

    It allows developers to use C# code in web applications.

    It is one of the most popular open-source web frameworks in the world.

    Here, applications are built on existing web technologies such as HTML and CSS. The framework allows developers to use C# and Razor, a popular template markup syntax.

    It is a component-based JavaScript framework. Applications are built on typescript syntax.

    It allows developers to create interactive and reusable web UIs for WebAssembly-based client-side applications.

    It allows developers to create interactive user interfaces, single-page web apps, advanced web apps, and so on.

    It enables the developer to share code and libraries because both the client and server code are written in C#.

    Angular enables the developer to have distinct technologies for the client (angular) and server code.

    It doesn’t require additional plugins or add-ons to run in two separate deployment models, client-side WebAssembly and server-side ASP.NET Core.

    It is a front-end framework. Client and server-side deployments are different for Angular applications.

    Use it if you are a C# developer who wants to build an app faster.

    Use it if you are willing to put some considerable learning effort into Angular to gain the benefits from a tried-and-true framework.

    It is still in its early stages.

    It has been around for a while.

    It has now supported scoped component styles and CSS isolation.

    It has the most successful tooling related to component styles and CSS isolation.

    Server-side Blazor cannot be used for a progressive web app. Client-side Blazor supports it.

    It provides support to a progressive web app.


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