• Searchable Dropdown


    Searchable Dropdown is a combination of 2 controls.

    1. Select

    2. Search bar

    Why Needed new Control

    Select Control won’t allow the searching functionality.

    Search Bar won’t allow the dropdown functionality.


    How to implement a new control

    To implement this new control, use the following steps:


    Step 1: Go to Your Project Directory


    Step 2: Install the package according to your “@angular/cli” version


    The above line is only applicable for @angular/cli version is 13.0.0 or above 

    Use the following table to know the version of the package. For your angular version 


    Use the following command to find out your angular version



    After that use the following command


    Step 3: Edit your project and add the following file as mentioned

    Add the following things to your “app.module.ts” file


    Now, add the following thing in “app.component.html”


    Add the following thing in “app.component.scss” (.css file)


    Now, add the following thing in “app.component.ts”


    Step 4: Checking for an Output

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