• What is Augmentation ?

    Something that is not present physically in front of you but virtually it is available. Also one can have the touch and feel of the object as we do in real.

    What is Augmented reality (AR)?

    Bringing digital things or objects into real life environment. For example You have a book and when you render the camera of your application on it

    You will see a girl (3d object) dancing on it.

    You can also resize the girls height, relocate the 3d object from one place to another place by  dragging it with finger touch.

    We can also resize the object by double tapping it as we do it in general.

    You can also resize it with two fingers spanning.

    Mainly it requires a picture with good texture to render the 3d object on it.

    You can have QR code to render the 3d object on it .

    You can add the picture prior while creating the application or

    You can add it instantly as you turn on your application camera.

    Instantly it captures the picture of the portion that is visible in your camera and use it as the base for your application to augment the 3d object.

    Difference between Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

    In VR as soon as  you wear the eyewear it takes you to a different digital world from your real time environment. Whereas in AR it brings the digital 3d objects into your real time environment.

    Uses Of AR  in real World.

    In Medical world.

    In education system.

    In science and technology.

    In space research  etc.

    It will be the most popular technology in the nearest future. Example of AR is snapchat, pokemon go, lenskart etc.

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