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  • A content type is a category of contents. It represents what a content item is.

    Content Types are created by combining multiple Parts.

    NOTE: By default, the Content Types feature is enabled. This feature must be enabled to create a custom content types.

    Start with creating a custom content type using the admin panel:

    Access admin panel in orchard core:

    To begin with first of all, you need to setup Orchard Core CMS.

    Please go through the post on Orchard CMS setup. Find the URL below:


    In the procedure of setup, at last, you will see a finish setup button.

    1. After Clicking on finish setup button below screen will be displayed.

    2. Click on login button located at the top of the page. This opens the login screen, fill the following fields and click Login button.

    3. After login, below screen will be displayed, in this screen click on Dashboard option.

    4. This will display admin panel screen.


    To create a content type, click Content Definition and select the Content Types link in the admin panel.