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  • Presumption: Developer has basic knowledge of DNN. Developer has DNN site running in local machine hosted under IIS.

    Problem: My dnn site is running on mydnnsite.local.com. And I need to test a few cases when site has to run on any custom domain. Suppose my custom domain is mydnncustomsite.local.com.

    Follow the below Steps:

    1. Add entry in portal aliases (PortalAlias) for mydnncustomsite.local.com.

    2. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts add below entry and save it. mydnncustomsite.local.com

    3. Go to IIS > Bindings of your running dnn site(mydnnsite.local.com). Add host name for mydnncustomsite.local.com for http and https (select correct certificate).

    4. Update SSLURL and STDURL to “mydnncustomsite.local.com” in portal settings for particular portal (same for which you have added portal alias entry).

    5. Access mydnncustomsite.local.com in browser.

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