• What is Robot framework

    Robot Framework is a conventional open source test automation framework for acceptance testing, acceptance test driven development (ATDD), and robotic process automation (RPA).

    This framework is written in Python, however can likewise keep running on Jython (Java) and IronPython (.NET), and subsequently is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, or MacOS).

    Robot framework consists of a set of tools, techniques. its job (besides allowing to write automated test cases) is improving the test automation process. In practice, Robot is a modular test automation framework that has the capability to interact with 3rd party libraries and functions.

    Robot Framework itself is open source software released under Apache License 2.0 developed by Pekka Klark,janne harkonen et al .

    Architecture of Robot framework 

    Test Data:

    The test data contains the actual test cases and possible resource files needed by them. while executing test cases or it can be read automatically from files by automation tools.

    Robot Framework:

    Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework that interacts with the applications under test.

    Test Library:

    Robot Framework has implemented several external libraries such as Selenium2Library, SwingalLibrary and standard libraries such as BuiltIn (Available Keywords Without imports), DateTime.

    Test Tools:

    Robot Framework has provided acceptance testing, acceptance test driven development testing tools for testing the test cases.

    Feature of Robot framework

    1. High-Level Architecture

    2. Simple Tabular Syntax

    3. Built-In keywords from the Selenium Library (open browser, close browser, maximize browser, etc.) and also user defined keyword.

    4. Support lot of external libraries like SeleniumLibrary, Database Library, FTP Library and http library.

    5. Possible to write test cases that work as cross-platform.

    6. Data-driven Test Cases

    7. Separate Test Data Editor

    8. Clear Reports

    9. Detailed logs

    10. Generic test libraries

    11. Text editor support: Emacs, Vim, Visual studio code

    Advantage of Robot framework

    It is open source, easy to install.

    Needn't bother with a programming language to write a Robot Framework test case & run it.

    It simplifies the test automation process by utilizing the keyword-driven testing (KDT) approach, that helps analyzers make meaningful tests that are effectively made.

    Easy to use test data syntax.

    It supports keyword-driven, behavior-driven(BDD) and data-driven approaches.

    It is a good support of external libraries

    Disadvantage of Robot framework

    1. Less flexibility.
    2. Not easy to customize html reports.
    3. Lacks support for if-else, nested loops, which are required when the code gets complex.

    Version support of Robot framework

    1. Robot Framework 2.0-2.1 support Python 2.3 and 2.4.
    2. Robot Framework 2.5-2.8 support Python 2.5.
    3. Robot Framework 3.0 is the first Robot Framework version to support Python 3. It supports also Python 2.

    How to install Robot Framework?

    Step1: Check if Python is already installed in machine.

    Open the command Prompt and write python –version and pip –version

    Step2: Download python from the below link and install it in your machine as show in below snap.


    Step3: If python is already installed, then simply run below command into command prompt:

    pip install robotframework

    Step4: Install selenium2library for robot framework, run below command into command prompt:

    pip install robotframework –selenium2library

    Step 5: There are two possible ways to install Python and Robot framework intelligence package

    First Possibilities:

    1. Open the VS code.

    For Python: Click on Extensions Icon and search for Python in extension search  bar and click on Python for VSCode

    Click on install button as shown in below snap.

    For Robot Framework Intelligence: Click on Extensions Icon and search for Robot Framework Intelligence and click on Install Button.

    Second Possibilities:

    Install the packages from marketplace from below link.

    For Python: Write python on searching bar and enter and click on Python for VSCode and to Install in VSCode