• What is DNN?

    1. DNN is a web content management system and web application framework based on Microsoft .NET.
    2. The DNN Platform Edition is open source.
    3. DNN is written in C#, though it existed for many years as a VB.NET project.

    Want to install DNN in your system? After visiting plenty of sites, but still you are not able to install DNN?

    Have you ever face this?

    Well, say good bye to all your confusions and go through the complete installation guide for DNN.

    1. Downloading DNN V9.3:

    DNN is freely available on the site. You can access the following link and get your DNN folder.


    Accessing above link will drive you to following page:

    By clicking on download link you will get another page:

    It may take time. Please be patient and let that folder download!

    2. Extracting DNN V9.3 Folder:

    Once you are done with downloading zip folder, it’s time to install it and bring it in a working state.

    1. Create folder of your choice.
    2.Extract downloaded folder into your newly created folder

    3. Make Host Entry:

    And now it is the time to add entry of your brand new site.

    Open notepad and register your site in the host file.

    You can find your host file at:


    Here I want to create my new site named Dnnv9.3.

    4. Creating Database:

    It is very important to store your data which you want to add in your running site. To store data, we need database which can handle your all Create, Update, Read and Delete operation. Database it is all about.

    Open your Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and follow the steps!

    Create database of your site name:

    5. Register Site in IIS:

    Open your IIS and make an entry of your site.

    Right Click on Sites Option and click on add Web Site:

    You can just simply open your IIS from your start button.